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Bi-Monthly Pest Service

Our widely successful Bi-Monthly Service is defined as an Exterior Treatment with the interior upon request that is performed every other month.

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Our Bi-Monthly Service explained:

An exterior pest service with interior upon request is the best option because it provides a balanced approach to pest control. By focusing primarily on the exterior of the property, the service creates a barrier that helps prevent pests from entering the building in the first place. This approach is highly effective in deterring common pests like ants, spiders, and cockroaches. Additionally, treating the exterior minimizes the use of pesticides indoors, reducing the potential risks associated with chemical exposure. However, by offering interior service upon request, the pest control provider can address specific issues or infestations inside the property, ensuring thorough and targeted treatment when needed. This flexible approach not only provides comprehensive pest management but also gives homeowners greater control over the level of intervention inside their living spaces.


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